Smoke blown, here.

VF750 Voltage Regulator Relocation

After OL’s 1999 VF 750-C Honda Magna went through two voltage regulators in pretty short order, I contacted the good folks at the
Magna Owners of Texas (MOOT) and was told that was a ‘known issue’ with that model.  I’ve never had a voltage regulator fail but I notice that the unit on my VT600 Shadow VLX is mounted on the frame, while the Magna’s is was mounted under the battery box, directly behind the wide V-4  engine.  My guess is the regulators failed because they could not dissipate heat effectively.

In any case, I mounted the newest voltage regulator on the outside, using a Kuryakyn clamp.  The unit does not obstruct passenger or pilot, doesn’t interfere with footpeg or shock, and  has lasted at least twice as long as the last one so I’m calling exercise an unqualified success.

1999 Honda Magna


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