Smoke blown, here.

Big Yella Bike

The Big Yella Bike is, officially, a 1997 Honda GL1500-C Valkyrie.
This is the motorcycle I used to doodle in class when I should have been working math problems.

The bone-stock GL1500-C came without windscreen or saddle bags and is known as a “Standard”.
The 1520cc (93 c.i.d.) flat six engine was advertised as making 100 hp and, with a a dry weight of 680 lbs,
this bike had the best power-to-weight ratio of any of the big cruisers of the time.
Opposed cylinders and shaft drive make the bike nearly vibration free.
The Valkyrie became famous among other riders because of the “Nickle Trick”. A nickle (US 5 cent coin)
can be stood on it’s edge on the right valve cover and the engine revved without the coin falling over.

I found the Big Yella Bike adorned with just about every bit of Hondaline chrome available for it, a large
Hondaline wind screen and leather Hondaline bags.

There are only a couple of changes that are not purely cosmetic. The seat has been narrowed and lowered and
that, along with flatter handlebars on after market risers, fine tuned the ergonomics. Lighter carb springs
and Progressive fork springs fine tuned performance and handling.

A shortened Memphis Fats bug catcher replaces the Hondaline sail and a  Givi “Wing Rack”  was installed to
accommodate a 1970s era Bates top box/trunk.

The leather bags have seen their best days and are in need of repair.  The fiberglass bags pictured below are, like the trunk, ancient  Bates gear.  There is a smaller trunk that matches the bags.  The photo below LINKs to  a description of the project, from salvage to finished product.

Link to “My Bagger Project” at Road Storyer, my photo blog


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