Smoke blown, here.

Beam This!

While watching the movie, “Doors”, I realized, at some point, that Jim Morrison was not on a five year acid trip, but that my TV’s color was outta whack. That was the second time in about a year.

As I live within shouting distance of a military base, the truth was deduced easily enough.
The tall, domed building they have been passing off as a whirl tower actually houses a particle beam projector, the use of which, was ruining my TV sets.
I’d been informed of the military’s use of particle beam projectors to manipulate the weather up north, with unexpected side effects. Its clear that “the effects of greenhouse gases” is a cover story.

Since I live so close to a projector I devised this custom shield to counter its effects. Its coating is a special blend that includes Kevlar flakes, ground glass, and lead-rich paint.
A test run yielded promising results.



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