Smoke blown, here.

Character Defect

Banished from yet another website.

This one is a news gathering site that posts articles of interest to bikers
from around the world.
It’s a good place to keep on eye what Big Brother is up to.
Its not a good place to post honest responses to what I consider posturing.

“Welcome To _____________
(Blah, blah blah…). No Cops Or LEO Supporters Allowed,
You Will Be Banned.”

I don’t know which of my comments led to me being banned and,
perhaps, branded as a cop or cop supporter. I’m not a cop and I’m
not a big-time fan of Big Brother’s enforcers.

(Politically correct disclaimer: “Yeah, I know, not all cops are bad.”)

It may have been my assertion that bikers aren’t killed because
their exhausts are too quiet and that all loud pipes do is irritate
the citizenry and invite more anti-motorcycle legislation, that one
might as well bet one’s ass on a deer whistle or a ride bell.

Then again, it may have been my response to comments about
RUBs (Rich Urban Bikers). The bad boys, being way too old “skool”
(whatever that is) and ill tempered to tolerate happy people on
motorcycles that haven’t vibrated any parts off, brag how they “flip them off”,
when they wave. I allowed as how I am, no kidding, an official
“Fingerteer” with official vest pin, no less, awarded for my willingness
to flip off snotty riders who refuse to return a wave.

(PC cop-out: “Yeah, I know, etc.” I also know that some associations
of riders don’t wave to anyone but their own and no, I don’t flip them off.)

I pointed out that when I’m on the road I return the waves of motorcyclists,
truck drivers, tractor drivers, lawn mower drivers and the old folks
at the old folks ranch. It’s the neighborly thing to do. Further, I opined,
when Big Brother moves to pass another helmet law, or some
altered exhaust restriction, these RUBs are likely to make effective
allies even if you don’t want your sister to marry one. On the other hand,
the “bird” may just move them to apathy.
( I may have  thrown in that old cliche,“If you’re not part of the solution,
then you’re part of the problem”.)

Of course, it may not have been a comment on a motorcycle
related news article that threw me into disrepute, but one
about some hood rat who thought he was bullet proof.
Sometimes poor judgment is fatal and sometimes it’s a cop
who pushes the button. Self-preservation is a strong instinct and
a badge doesn’t automatically put a man in the wrong.

Well, as you might guess, I was surely enjoying the knee-jerk responses
of, FTP (Fuck the pigs), FTF (… the Feds) and
[fill in the blank] inspired by the different news articles,
and maybe I should have just commented, “Yeah, what he said”,
but I didn’t go along.

I won’t bleat with the herd but I can’t always stop from bleating at it.

Must be a character defect.